Water Blessings mini affirmation cards by Akal Pritam

Water is very sacred, it carries all the codes for life on this beautiful, blue planet. We are each an Aquarian water bearer of this new eon, and as we realize our own potential to influence all energy, we can learn to work with water (the water within us and the water we drink). These cards encourage the reader to choose better feeling emotions and a more conscious perspective to create an improved personal reality and positive influence on all energy.




This deck is made up of one stunning hand-painted picture (featuring a water goddess seated where the river meets the turquoise sea) divided into forty cards labeled 1-40, each 6x8 cm.

Complete the puzzle intuitively with the images alone, or lay them out in order with numbers facing up, then turn the cards over to reveal the full picture. The images on each of the cards are symbolic and work on their own when viewed separately from the full picture.These stunningly detailed affirmation cards by Akal Pritam are small in physical size, yet powerful. Measuring just 6x8cm this small deck of affirmation cards can slip into your pocket or hand bag with ease. Take them with you and seek its guidance whenever you are needing some positivity.

Choose cards as personally guided, either from the full picture or simply draw from a shuffled deck.

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