Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle

44 cards 10×14 cm, book 176 pages. By Lorraine Anderson and Juliet Diaz
Samhain is one of the most potent and magical nights of the year for performing divination, ritual and spells. Now you can experience the magic and electric energies of this sacred night all year long with Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle.


1 op voorraad

1 op voorraad

This beautifully designed and illustrated book, and 44 card deck set will connect you to the spirit realm to bring healing, understanding, protection and guidance. Original poetry from Juliet Diaz works as invocations for magic and ritual while intuitive guidance from Lorraine Anderson will take you through your personal readings. Finally the beautiful artwork of Giada Rose will transport you to new worlds. Unlock the secret insights with spells and recipes to make the most of Samhaimn energy!

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