Moongazing Hare, Lepus

De maanstarende haas (moongazing hare): een prachtig symbool voor hoe onze intuitie, snel en wendbaar als de haas, verbonden is met Moeder Maan.Vernoemd naar het sterrenbeeld: Lepus.
Materiaal: polystone, handmatig nauwkeurig afgewerkt
Afmeting: 26 cm hoog

By day I am a shadow that hides in the light,
By darkness a moonbeam that dances the night,
I am the spirit that runs with the Moon,
From Spring Time to harvest, in time
with Earth’s tune

I am the spirit of fresh greening fields,
I grow with the year till her harvest she yields

I am the last sheaf bound up with the corn,
The spirit of Earth, forever reborn

I am a shape changer, I change like the year
I fly as the Owl and I run as the Deer

The eggs of the Lapwing are left in my care,
For I am the Mystery and Magic, I am the Hare

So, if you should seek me lying close in my form,
I will run through your dreams from darkness till dawn.

Sharon L. Shute 1998.




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