Wisdom Keepers, Benton

Wisdom Keepers are those who have the resources to share what they have learned from life’s experiences and pass it on to future generations.

Prayer and faith-sharing groups, Bible study groups, and other gatherings of seniors have formed in many congregations. Older members of the church face different challenges to their faith than do younger people. They are reflecting on new issues, problems, and opportunities.

Wisdom Keepers: A Resource for Faith Sharing Among Seniors was created by the Office of Ministry and Spirituality of the Archdiocese of Louisville to fill a need in their ministry to seniors. Enthusiastically embraced by many parishes in the archdiocese, Wisdom Keepers uses a simple, direct, adaptable format that can be used as the basis for monthly meetings, retreats, or days of contemplation.

The book offers reflections on forty-six themes, written for group use, but helpful for individuals, too. No matter how readers use these reflections, God will be with them, calling them to wisdom and sharing.

Tweedehands paperback, 135 blz.




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