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Spring Equinox is a time to celebrate, with wild abandon, the beauty and power of youth, the rebirth of life and the hope and potential of the coming season.

Magical Collections
Air ~ Ideas, concepts, thought, knowledge, mental powers, logos, reason, visualisation, understanding.


2 op voorraad

2 op voorraad

21st March

The sap is rising and the buds are swollen, ready to burst. Nature stirs from her Winter's slumber - the first teasing rays of the Sun tickle her awake. The birds are returning and are singing the song of the rising sun. Still timid, yet determined, the first flowers are poking their heads out above the ground - so tender, so fragile, so infinitely brave and strong. The young Sun God and the Maiden Goddess frolic playfully in the fields, innocent, yet full of anticipation of their growing power and fertility.

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